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Arclinea, a prestigious Made In Italy brand leader in the high-end kitchen market, incorporates within its philosophy a productive tradition to be innovation, a true culture for quality, functionality and conviviality. The Arclinea collection is an unique, vast sum of products and elements: each and every element are studied to resolve real and daily needs. This because the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where cooking is a real pleasure, completly customizable, complemented by innovative technologies and by an actual creativity beyond time.

Arclinea Vicenza

ARCLINEA VICENZA is located in Viale Verona 98, Vicenza. Within a space of 150 square meters hosts to five kitchens designed with care to truly represent Arclinea Collection and its values

ARCLINEA VICENZA is for all the territory of the Triveneto, a real reference point for the public and professionals, ensuring professionalism, specialization and accurate service, from design, to installation, to after-sales.

ARCLINEA VICENZA creates exclusive living spaces. The special attention paid to the design of each individual room, created with the most innovative techniques (Render and 3D), allows our clients to see the project in an unique layout and offer a complete vision of it.

ARCLINEA VICENZA showroom has fully functioning kitchens, where it’s possible to taste exclusive recipes and culinary specialties prepared by our chefs, and our customers, during special events.

Roberto Ciano

Roberto Ciano

CEO Arclinea Vicenza e Master designer Arclinea

Marco Dal Zotto

Marco Dal Zotto

Interior design





The aim of Arclinea has always been to create projects that last in time, both ahead of trends and beyond them. Projects that manage each time to generate the perfect, desired kitchen. Because, while perfection can exist on paper, it only happens when the project fully meets all the demands made of it: a synthesis of combined values, from the raw material to the finished product, elements that interact with their functions, via the capacity of the person who brings the kitchen alive, a passionate experience for sharing, every day.

This is how every Arclinea kitchen becomes a ‘Dream Kitchen’…


London New Opening

The entry of Arclinea in the prestigious London B&B Italia store confirms the strategic partnership launched between the two companies last September, founded on their shared values of design, innovation and quality.

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Arclinea Vicenza

Telefono: +39 0444 963530  Fax: +39 0444963964
Orari: 9am – 1pm  / 3.30pm – 7.30  Tuesday  – Saturday

Arclinea Vicenza by Ditta FONTANA&C. srl sede legale Viale Verona 98b 36100 VICENZA p.i. 03569730249
E-mail: info@arclineavicenza.it

Arclinea Vicenza