On 26 May, Arclinea, along with Collezione Peggy Guggenheim and Elle Decor Italia, organised the event “In cucina con Pollock“, an unforgettable cooking show with Chefs Giuseppe Falanga and Gianluca Aresu from the Italian Chef Cooking School in Cagliari.

During the event created by Arclinea to celebrate the convergence of art, design and taste, In cucina con Pollock, the two chefs did a superb job of interpreting the art and photography of Pollock, 20th century expressionist painter, from a culinary angle.

Why? Because Jackson Pollock, the king of action painting, had another passion in addition to his deep love for painting: cooking.

The relationships of recipes and photos, or canvases and plates, transformed the showroom in Corso Monforte, Milan into a convergence of colours and flavours, where special partners and important guests were all gathered with the Arclinea to celebrate its ninetieth anniversary.